Fear of Geese


I pass this sign quite often on my way into Inverurie. It’s on a twisty and narrow road with few parking options. Most days the traffic is quite heavy in both directions and it’s a longish walk to the site. I have in the past considered simply stopping and taking an image but never quite got round to it until today.
You see, one good thing about the snow is that there’s not much traffic on the roads. So whilst keeping a sharp lookout for the geese, I left the safety of my car and got a quick shot.
Geese seemingly make good watchdogs and I recall my parents pointing out a distillery on the Clyde near Dumbarton Rock which seemingly used a flock of the things to deter intruders.
I personally have nothing but admiration for the goose as a species though. They are lovely animals to look at and have character but can run at you and inflict a nasty bite round about crotch level. Plus of course they did get a very bad name when the Fascists controlled much of Europe due to the tendency of the invading forces to goosestep around the place.

I should report however that no geese appeared from behind the vegetation to attack me today which leads me to wonder if there ever were ever any in the first place.

If Mr and Mrs Brown of the Birches, Lethenty, Inverurie happen to read this I have to advise that your cover is now blown.

You should urgently review your security policy.


About Duncan Harley

Author, photographer and feature writer.
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