Large Plastic Cow on Wheels


When the Cardinal O’Brien allegations were first public made the Roman Catholic Church were saying that it was up to him to decide whether or not to attend the Sistine Chapel hustings. I could see the logic of the argument of course but just for a wee moment my jaw dropped in complete amazement. The accused was being left to make up his mind if he could continue in the role of representing the faithful of the UK despite allegations which would have landed that Saville man in police custody.

Today of course everything has changed. The man has been sacked according to reports such as that in the Independent on Monday   “Make no mistake about it, Cardinal Keith O’Brien has not resigned as Scotland’s leading Roman Catholic. He has been sacked by the Pope. And that is a measure of just how grave the crisis in the world’s biggest church has become.” Says Paul Vallely.

The church continues to talk about “great sadness” as opposed to “great shock” and there are conspiracy theory rumours sweeping the net regarding the timing of the allegations. But when the chips are down there is no getting away from the reality that he was sacked by the pope.

Now, I here you ask, what has that to do with a large plastic cow on wheels?

Well, not much really, except that from the perspective of the cow its all good news since it diverts attention from the continuing issues in the food industry.


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