Sweet Shop Bag Lady

Inverurie Spring Show 042

I decided to visit the Inverurie Spring Show today.  Officially called “The Royal Northern Spring Show” it’s held by at the end of February each year and is Scotlands first major event in the new farming year.
Promoted as an “outstanding business day by agricultural suppliers, major sponsors of the event and the farming community” it attracts farming and equestrian folk from far and wide.

This show has some serious mega tractors on display. Most are equipped with Satnav and probably don’t even require a driver to guide them around the Scottish prairies, so you can forget the wee red Fergie crofter image for a start! With reversible ploughs as long as your street, grain driers to die for and some of the biggest combine harvesters in Europe it’s an event to salivate over if you like farm machinery.

There were of course also the usual burger stalls complete with the now obligatory “contains 100%  beef unless otherwise stated” and “zero horse meat unless you ask for it” labels.

Then there was this absolutely wonderful stall selling old fashioned sweeties and plastic swords.

It was quite late in the day and the sun was going down in the west. I suspect the poor lady behind the counter had probably had enough of all those “oh well, you don’t see sweets like these anymore” comments and just wanted to go home.

The couple in the picture were of course intent on examining some gobstoppers and liquorice dips and probably never even noticed the subtle ploy of the vendor in placing a bag over her face to make a statement.


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