New Pope? Never Heard Anything About This Says Local Paper


The Aberdeen Press and Journal has a daily readership of 138,000. It’s an Aberdeen Journals business owned by DC Thomson & Co Ltd. It is based at Lang Stracht, Mastrick, Aberdeen and produces the following titles: The Press and Journal, Evening Express, Aberdeen Citizen, Scot-Ads.

DC Thomson & Co Ltd was founded in 1905. It has around 2,000 employees, a head office in Dundee plus offices in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Manchester and London. The organisation produces more than 200 million magazines, newspapers and comics each year, such as The Dundee Courier, The Evening Telegraph, Sunday Post, the Weekly News, Beano and Dandy.

Today the P and J, as it’s known locally, headlined on “Crashes and Chaos as Thick Snow Sweeps In”.

So let me see, there are things going on in Syria. The Catholic Church in Scotland has had some issues regarding unusual drunken groping by priests, North Korea is about to nuke the USA and we have a new pope.



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One Response to New Pope? Never Heard Anything About This Says Local Paper

  1. barabrith says:

    Sounds like the Oban Times! leads with stories like “folk in Argyll dying less often” at the height of an international crisis.
    Thanks for subbing my blog

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