Albino Pheasant


This bird has been hanging around my backyard for a few weeks now. It’s extremely shy but likes bread and birdseeds. My two cats have been eyeing it up but since it’s nearly twice their size and strikingly white in colour they have, so far, kept their distance.

It’s lovely to watch, especially when the ground is covered with snow and I really cannot understand why “hunters” hunt the things. I can almost appreciate the thrill of hunting in the wild with the ever present danger of being killed by a Polar Bear or a Lion. Except for the fact that the animals lack weaponry, at least they could fight back. But what possible chance has the White Pheasant?

I suppose it could appeal to the House of Lords for protection or request in writing that the hunters stay at least 100 yards away before shooting.

I’ve never really been all that comfortable with the concept of breeding animals for release just to shoot them out of hand. I suppose it’s the idea of blasting a defenceless bird which has been hand reared in a cage and then let out into the countryside to outrun shotgun cartridges. 
Funny old things humans.


About Duncan Harley

Author, photographer and feature writer.
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