Gordon Bennett!


It’s been a kind of mixed day here in the NE of Scotland today what with more blizzards and then a slight thaw followed by more blizzards.

In between whiteouts I ventured out to find a snowplough or two to shoot. There were quite a few about on the roads which was reassuring. This one is in the township of Keith which is well known here as a market town with an annual farming show by the name of Keith Show and of course the Keith Steam Laundry.  

Seemingly Keith was also the birthplace of Gordon Bennett father of James Gordon Bennett Junior of expletive fame.
Gordon was, of course, the founder of the New York Herald. His son eventually inherited the paper and wealth and became known for his extravagant and shocking lifestyle.

The term “Gordon Bennett!” alludes to his wild ways, and perhaps originated as a euphemism for “Gorblimey!” and “Goodness Me!”.

Seemingly Gordon Bennett escaped to France to get away from scandals and became famous in Europe for establishing awards in sports such as yachting, auto and airplane racing, ballooning, etc.


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