Dragons’ Den and Jessops

I heard yesterday about the plan by Peter Jones of “Dragon’s Den” fame to revive the fortunes of the Jessops photographic chain by investing around £5m of his personal fortune to revive the brand.


As anyone who uses a decent camera will be aware, 1370 skilled and committed employees were left without a job when the 187 stores closed down in January. So it is certainly a very welcome move.

Peter says he is determined to turn the business round and has already re-employed 300 former Jessops staff to man the 30 stores which he plans to re-open by the end of April.

Six stores have seemingly re-opened already including the Aberdeen branch. Perhaps next time you need some equipment or advice you might consider a visit.

Meanwhile in Inverurie, Comet continues to trade. There are 30% discounts available to anyone wishing to buy the remaining stock and somewhat bizarrely there is a van parked outside the main door with “2 Wit 2 Woo” emblazoned on the side in large letters beside some colourful artwork of an owl nature.


I wonder if Comet are about to re-brand as an escort agency.



About Duncan Harley

Author, photographer and feature writer.
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