Stones in the Park

Stones in the Park generally refers to a free outdoor festival held in Hyde Park on 5 July 1969. The band had recently dumped Brian Jones. When he died on 3 July, two days before the festival, the Stones decided to dedicate their performance to him.

Why was it free?
Well, reports of the time viewed it as a desperate attempt by a failing rock band to revive failing fortunes.

Why was it dedicated to Brian?
Well reports of the time indicated that the band had not treated the man very well despite his being a founding member and that the band may have considered it useful to use his demise to gain publicity.

But I never told you that. In fact if you repeat it as fact I may have to take some very drastic action.

That was 44 years ago.

When I was driving home from Aberdeen today I heard on the car radio that the band plan a return to Hyde Park venue in July of 2013.This performance will not however be free and going by the recent Stones ticket prices it seems probable that folk on low income or state benefit may require to save for a few years to afford the entry fee.

As I was pondering the above I was overtaken by a Morris Minor of 1960’s vintage driven by a man who looked suspiciously like Mr Jones, albeit 44 years on.

He turned right off Anderson Drive onto Queens Road then headed down towards Duthie Park in Aberdeen

I wonder if he needs to upgrade his SATNAV?


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