Chapel of Garioch Brae


This is a view from what is locally known as Chapel Brae near Inverurie. In the background is the peak of Mither Tap (518 m, 1699 feet).
The road up the brae is quite steep and the village at the top has quite a view over the surrounding countryside. I blogged it a week or so ago during a blizzard but today most of the snow has gone apart from some accumulated drifts behind North facing dykes.

It’s a lovely spot and even the pylons and power lines somehow fit in I think.

I can’t get used however to the 60m high wind turbine which sits just out of shot on the left.


About Duncan Harley

Author, photographer and feature writer.
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2 Responses to Chapel of Garioch Brae

  1. Jay Topaz says:

    It is a really beautiful part of the countryside.

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