Creeps, Predators and Trolls

It’s a funny old world really.
When social media was new and shiny, folk competed to gain lot’s of “friends”Image
Facebook, among others limited your friends list to a mere 5000 or so.  It seemed a heady goal and those who made it seemed like hugely popular folk to be admired and even emulated.

Today we are on our guard though. That friend request from Latvia might invite an identity scam. The seemingly innocent “like” from someone called Dave in Liverpool who wants to know if you use Grunge or like young boys might be a clue as to how your profile appears to internet predators and the like. My comments about Palestine, Tibet or my ideas about alternative energy or world politics sometimes result in quite shameful behaviour by those who should know better.

The folk who threaten me when I take a different slant on current events, those who rubbish my opinions, the people who take courage from putting alternative ideas down can all take a huge dump.

I have shed a few “friends” recently on Facebook and it feels good. At the last count it is 498 and dropping. I mean, who has 498 plus friends! I aim to have just 20.

To the folk who are left, don’t worry. I have shed the fascists, the people who spread hatred, the folk who insult and rubbish me for my opinions and the people who assume that if my opinions are at odds with the opinions they have then I must be wrong so an insult is in order.

I would have liked to continue the discussion with them, but who can be bothered really.


About Duncan Harley

Author, photographer and feature writer.
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One Response to Creeps, Predators and Trolls

  1. barabrith says:

    I agree. life is too short.

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