Why we are now “all Thatcher’s”


Why we are now “all Thatcher’s” is the news from the Aberdeen Press and Journal. To be honest, I almost respected the paper today when they ignored the main news about Margaret Thatcher and led with a suicide hanging of a drug addict over the Don in Inverurie. Not that I like hangings of course. Just that I thought that for once the paper was becoming a bit more political in a socialist sort of way.

But then after ploughing through 10 pages of drivel about snowballs and some rubbish about Panda’s the paper had the nerve to publish an article about the Right to Buy Policy.

Entitled “Why we are now all Thatcher’s” and penned by Stewart Whyte it claims that her policies were “embraced by Scot’s in there hundred’s of thousands”.

In case the owners and  journalists employed by the Press and Journal are unaware, there are over 5,295,000 of us living in Scotland so a few “hundred’s of thousands” wont make much of a difference really.

In an independent Scotland, we won’t be needing writers and reporters who are unable to report what folk really think.


About Duncan Harley

Author, photographer and feature writer.
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