Belgrano 2 – The Tyrant is Dead

An effect of the death of Thatcher has been to polarise opinions in the UK yet again. Freedom of expression is once again under threat. The “pre-arrest” of protesters is underway prior to the state funeral just as at the so called “Royal Wedding” when potential protesters were jailed for a few days in case they posed a threat. Parliament Square was cleared and as usual no one batted an eyelid.Brian Haw had died and no one really gave a shit.


The tyrant’s legacy however is divisive and we now have a Scottish Parliament plus we have the prospect of complete independence. If you are at variance with this view then that is fine. Me, I remember the sailors who died on the Belgrano and the headlines of the day from so called newspapers who cashed in on the 500 plus deaths bleating “1200 Argies Die”.

The Sun’s headline “Gotcha” is probably the most notable (and notorious) headline in a British newspaper ever. After early editions went to press further reports suggested a major loss of life and Kelvin Mackenzie seemingly toned down the headline in later editions to read “Did 1,200 Argies drown?”

I however recall a headline which read something like “Gotcha! 1,200 Argies drown!”


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