North Korea could attack Britain by post – Says PM


As the rhetoric from North Korea continues to escalate many ordinary UK citizens have begun to take sensible precautions.
The residents of Northfield in Aberdeen, Scotland have clubbed together to buy an early warning facility complete with an anti missile defensive capability.

The technology, which was developed during the cold war, is state of the art and has the backing of the Prime Minister, Mr David Cameron MP, who just last week told the embattled citizens of Northfield that “North Korea could attack Britain”.

Mr Cameron, speaking during a visit to Scotland to bolster the Trident Nuclear Missile Programme also said it would be “foolish” to scrap Trident with the presence of “continuing, and growing, nuclear threats such as North Korea”. He concluded that “a credible and continuous independent nuclear deterrent remains a crucial component of our national security.” and that “he knows Communist dictator Kim Jong-un has access to missiles that can hit the UK.”

When asked by Mr Wilson of 2 Northfield Gardens, Aberdeen how he knew this Mr Cameron replied that God had spoken to him about the issue and that it must be true. On further questioning he admitted that God does not exist and that probably the North Koreans would post the missile to the UK using a large letter stamp.

Mr Cameron is aged around 46 and sports a full head of hair. His press advisers claim that his philosophy has always been making sure people are in control and that politicians are their servants, not their masters.


About Duncan Harley

Author, photographer and feature writer.
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