Phone Box: 01467- 620536

Until today I had quite forgotten that these boxes existed, I mean doesn’t everyone have a mobile nowadays? Mind you it would take a genius to work out how to use the things I think, what with all the instructions pasted around the interior.
“Please be prepared to use no more than four coins” reads one. Another advises that BT accept no more than 4 coins as the initial minimum fee however additional coins can be added as the call progresses. A third sign advises that these are no smoking premises and that if you see someone smoking you should write to a PO Box in Manchester so as to nab the offender in the act.
Just for a bit of fun I checked out the BT Payphone website which advises that they have 63,000 of the things all over the UK. It seems they are keen to persuade the public to adopt a phone box. Helpful suggestions as to what to do with the boxes include turning them into art galleries, grocery shops and wildlife information centres.
No mention of making phone calls however …
phone box


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