Passing Places – Black and white banded pole


We still have quite a few single track roads in the shire. They demand a completely different set of road skills when compared to the normal drive fast and bully the other drivers, might is right style which the oil rich Chelsea tractor drivers sometimes employ.

Single track roads can of course be a bit daunting at first. The passing places however make them a complete doddle though! Most passing places are marked by a black and white banded pole or even the phrase “Passing Place” written on the tarmac or on a road sign, so it is difficult to not see them.

There is even a Passing Place Code:

1. Keep a look-out well ahead for on-coming traffic and passing-places

2.Try to anticipate which of you will be first to reach the last passing place between you

3. If the passing place is on your left, pull into it

4. If it’s on your right, stop opposite.

5. NEVER pull into a passing place on your right

6. If the on-coming vehicle stops for you, drive past with care

7. Use a passing place to let faster vehicles overtake

8. NEVER park in a Passing Place

A friend from Lewis, where of course there are lots of single track roads, always takes a book with him to read in the car. Seemingly when he meets an obstinate individual, usually a tourist I am sure, who refuses to reverse the 10ft or so into the passing place immediately behind he gets out the book and reads until the other driver takes the hint. Last time I spoke with him he was half way through Lawrence’s Seven Pillars of Wisdom.


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