The dunking of olives in milk


A friend suggested an image of an Oreo being dunked from some height into a glass of milk along  with a comment that it wasn’t quite as she wanted it to look. After some discussion about using a different lense, maybe a 50mm at f1.4 or similar we wondered if maybe soaking the Oreo and freezing it prior to dunking or even using full cream might help.  More splashes etc. Cream we thought has a different viscosity but of course there are creams and creams. Should it be Jersey Cream at £1.95 per pot or standard Tesco supermarket cream at 62p in the bargain counter?
As always, I am up for a challenge so the tripod and a few more bits and pieces were assembled.

I tried it at first with a Penguin biscuit but without much success. The wrappers proved difficult to sink since they are full of air. Then some bread took the plunge but that proved equally futile. I have no Orios at present you see and the shops in the shire are closed until dawn.

Finally some black olives from Crete dropped from a height of 2.6 metres did the trick at f1.4 and 1/400 with some backlighting. What a mess though.

Fortunately I am selling the house and will ask the new folk to clean up.


About Duncan Harley

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