Mucking about with electricity


I just love pushing the boundaries a wee bit and trying out new ideas. I often try to think out of the box. I mean what if cows had five legs, how handy would that be? If we turned the leaning tower of Pisa on its side that would solve both the falling over problem and the silly tourist shots of folk holding it up at one fell swoop. What if we did away with those U bends in toilets so that when you go for a wee the bowl fills up to indicate in real time what you’ve achieved.

Tonight I wondered what happens to the light in a light bulb when you take it out of the light socket. After a few false starts I realised that thick gloves are important when handling hot bulbs plus a chair to stand on. Even then, the light inside them simply vanished when I removed the bulb from the holder. Eventually, as this image clearly shows, it transpired that freezing the bulb down to -37c while lit and then placing it on a non conductive surface, such as a cat or in as in this case an upturned pint glass, can lead to the light lasting for up to 45 seconds after the supply of electricity is disconnected.
Simple really. Surprised no ones thought of it before.

Without folk like me in the shire there would be no trains or even space travel.


About Duncan Harley

Author, photographer and feature writer.
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