The putting of butter on a cat’s paws – said in a Dara O Briain kind of accent


Today I went out to put together a piece on the Postal Service sell off and went boldly forth in search of information and images. My local postal depot proved fruitless but that’s quite another story which may indeed be featured in the morning papers.

Also went shopping for a few things since my pal had recently given me a £25 voucher after I transported him into eye hospital for a torture session plus I had one of those £6 off if you spend £40 coupons.

Well hold me back! Cream Crackers for 29p, half price red wine, cute baby deer sausages at buy one get one free and cat treats at 25% off if you buy eight alongside some kind of 2 for a fiver offer for sliced dead pig. The receipt tells me that I saved £8.31 on “multi buys” and of course by taking my own bags, I got some air miles. I also got a voucher for 10p off a litre of fuel which was great since I was just about out. Seems I saved £4.05 on the supermarket “price promise” as well, although when I asked them for it they said I’d already had it which seemed a bit strange really.

I think it’s really great that the supermarkets can reduce our shopping bill by so much plus give us all of those bargains. But I do wonder why it took them so long to do it?

Oh and the cat stuff. A friend says the best way to move a cat is to put butter on its paws when you let it out at the new place. Seems the poor moggy is so taken up with licking the butter off that it forgets where it just came from and just adapts really easily.


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