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I don’t really know why I bother going on about it really, but the local newspapers were once upon a time full of news and I miss that. The old joke about the Aberdeen Press and Journal headline, following the sinking of the Titanic, is of course nonsense. Most accounts of the incident tell of a banner headline which read “Titanic Sinks North East Man Looses Wallet in King Street”. In reality it probably was more subdued.

For reasons unknown the so called newspaper today headlines on a £3bn road bypass with a page three piece attacking travellers who have parked up “less than a mile from private land “to a public area in Aberdeen.

I often use the early 20th century local newspapers as a source for articles. In 1916 they reported on the Zeppelin bombing of Insch. In 1940 they reported on the war over Aberdeen as seen by folk on the ground. Today they reported on vitriolic stuff to do with some travellers and something to do with roads.

The folk who wrote for the local papers in those far gone times would no doubt be ashamed at what they spawned.


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