Drummer Rigby


Who on May 22nd 2013 could have made the connection between extremist events and the use of social media via the “smart” phone which seemingly can make us all promoters of the extremist segments within our midst. Bombers, murderers and the killers of goats.

Those terrorists, if that indeed is what they are, may be indebted to Steve Jobs plus that man from Microsoft whatever his name is. The images on the front of the tabloids and the footage streamed into our living rooms were not taken by professional photographers. The news teams missed the event. In fact they were not even invited. The killers of Drummer Rigby made sure of that.

The victory for the killers is of course that we all saw it as it happened. There were a few heroic folk who intervened of course. But at the end of the day, the good citizen photojournalists of Woolwich played right into the plans of the terrorists and took some nice snaps of the event. Silly folk. Stupid folk. Brave folk. Folk in Woolwich.

Capa and of course Gerda Taro got it right. With the Spanish civil war as a backdrop, the love affair had little chance at the outset. Letters, memories, biographies… They are all there. Gerda probably took the falling soldier image. Capa let her take the credit. They both shared the experience.

Drummer Rigby, Woolwich, Steve Jobs, propaganda victory, Microsoft, professional photographers, extremist segments, tabloids, social media, smart phone, Gerda Taro, capa, Duncan Harley, Inverurie, Aberdeen voice, killers of goats


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