The washing of budgies



My local MP has not been seen much recently. In fact I was quite surprised to hear him speak during a brief visit to the Commons in April 2012. Something about Libyan Aid if I recall correctly and how a few thousand pounds would solve the problems of the Middle East. Mind you I had just been at a rendering of the Messiah at the Albert Hall so possibly I was high on that and mistook the shire MP’s eloquence for a sensible way forward. After all, his name is Bruce and he is a Liberal Democrat so that alone must count for something. Thirty years in the job is something of a record. I have met the man a few times but am still completely stumped regarding what he actually does.

Nick Clegg, who also seems to have no public record of doing very much says of the Right Honourable Malcolm “I want to know what Malcolm’s diet is because he clearly eats or drinks something that keeps him forever young. He is one of the most energetic MPs in the House of Commons today much as he was when he entered the Commons 25 years ago. It is amazing to see him run in circles” What can Nick mean?

Mr Bruce has seemingly been “disappointed” by A90 safety findings, feels that this year’s Queen’s Speech will “quietly change and modernise the way we live” and recently took the Business Secretary Vince Cable on a tour of the Glen Garioch whisky distillery in Oldmeldrum which according to local drinkers makes possibly the most unpalatable whisky in the North East of Scotland.

On Friday 7th June 2013 at 7.15 (for 8pm) Malcolm is hosting a gala dinner to celebrate his 30 years as MP for Gordon District. The good and the great will be there seemingly. The blurb on the poster says that the guest speakers on the evening will be “The Rt. Hon. Lord Steel of Aikwood, plus other special guests”.

Its £50 a ticket though which might just cut a good few of his constituents who are suffering the effects of the bedroom tax.  Mind you, for the money you get a free drink on arrival plus a 4-course dinner.

I noticed that a local councillor on being alerted to the celebratory dinner has decided not to attend. Seemingly he is washing his budgie on that day.


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