Dateline 22nd September 2014

Sculpture Workshop 012

Girlfriend and I visited Inverurie. Cat’s still alive despite average age.

The October Leopard Magazine is due out very soon. The Our Town Feature is Ellon – the pearl of Buchan. Next is Inverurie. Then Elgin.

Anne Begg pictured with a NF supporter. Comments seem quite negative. Assumed National Front was nasty crappy organisation full of fools.

Haircut achieved, nearly son’s birthday, bought a Spanish donkey. He’s not on FB; need to fill the bloody thing with sweeties in case he sets fire to it.
Jesus, parenthood is such a pain.


–              Happy birthday ya big gobshite.  Meant to send you a wee card but at 50P a pop for that Post Office stamp stuff, never quite got round to it. Had a few I see, not a problem.

–              Mc Alistair says hello and Happy Birthday.

–              Way hey, look at the state of you.

–              Only a wee joke, lighten up.

Friend Joe is fine, must find out about foot fungus ointment and buy shopping. Tesco seems fucked, dodgy accounts and that horse meat scandal may have done for them big time.

Son Ben refuses to be a FB pal but maybe his lady friend will pass on my best wishes.

All in all a good day. Except.

We lost the referendum to some no voters.


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