Blue bin day

Stonehaven and Aberdeen Beach 075x

Its “Blue Bin” re-cycling bin day in the Garioch for the very first time. The new bins were delivered 5 weeks ago and look superb.

I washed all my food cans just like they said on the helpful instruction leaflet and have refrained from putting glass into the new bin since that’s not allowed.

I included Yellow Pages and the BT phone book for good measure and decided to re-read the instructions. “No oil or paint tins, packaging foam or tissues, no plastic bags or cling film, no metallic wrapping paper, no painted paper, no foam trays and no cardboard contaminated with food.”

Who writes this stuff? Better if they told me what I can chuck out rather than a “No Ball Games Allowed” negative statement. I mean who has time to study council-speak?

I made sure that there is no cardboard contaminated with food, bunged in some right wing UKIP propaganda and even included my old road tax disc for good measure. What more do the council want after all?

My only issue here, apart from what I should actually throw out, is the thought of the minimum wage workers who seemingly will have to sort out my mess on some conveyor belt or other.

Jesus, did I really put some painted paper in the bin!


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