Malcolm in the middle

I finally today received a reply from outgoing Gordon MP Sir Malcolm Bruce regarding his vote in the Opposition debate on Trident. An issue which concerned many of us Scot’s during the failed attempt to wrest Scotland from the enduring grip of the Westminster elite.

Following various out of office replies to my enquiry such as “I am on maternity leave until …” and “I am on annual leave until …” his office manager Rosemary Bruce advised that despite such disappointing replies, any or all of Malcolm’s researchers would pick up my query as soon as they could.

No surprises there then. Today, some 8 days on from the debate and vote on the future of Scotland’s uneasy relationship with nuclear weapons, I received a reply via snail mail.

In its entirety, it is much too long to type out which is probably the point. After all, who in this day and age uses printed letters via Royal Mail.

Suffice it to say that Malcolm’s letter to me contains not only spelling mistakes but a statement advising that “I do not support the SNP and Plaid Cymru motion because, as a Liberal Democrat, I do not believe in unilateral disarmament. At the same time I decided I would not be voting against the motion because we cannot predict the future international security situation.
Along with my colleagues, I therefore, abstained from the vote.”

In my considered view, Sir Malcolm forgot to look to his constituents for guidance on this issue, refuses to admit that he simply did not consider the vote important and fudged the issue by making it look as though his failure to take part in the debate was party policy.

As for the spelling issues, if you are a knight of the realm then probably anything goes …


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