Plain-speaking Trump

Most sentient beings would recognise that they are in trouble when even Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu body swerves you.
Donald Trump has seemingly simply put plans to meet the man on hold until such time as he becomes the 45th President of the USA.

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Despite this, Inverness man Donald J. Morrison in a letter to the editor of the Aberdeen Press and Journal, sides with “Plain-speaking Donald Trump” and in addition offers Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister, a fully paid one way ticket to oblivion.

Here, for your bemusement is the letter as published on page 26 of today’s edition:

“Sir, – Having launched his bid for the White House a few months ago, Donald J. Trump – whose mother came from Lewis – continues to be embroiled in controversy because he has the guts to say what others daren’t say.
His sentiments that there should be stricter scrutiny of Muslims wishing to enter his country should be endorsed. Although what he has said recently concerning a total ban may not have been “politically correct” it is becoming apparent that he is fast becoming the mouthpiece of what ordinary people across his nation are thinking and saying.
Whether you love or loath him, Mr Trump has to be admired for speaking honestly and directly on issues that have to be said, instead of rambling and waffling on about what people want to hear – to win votes and hearts.
There is no doubt that his comments have hit the nail on the head with many ordinary Americans, over live issues they are deeply concerned about and which they want addressed.
I sincerely hope that this perceptive, robust, honest-talking, plain-speaking American, whose Scottish blood is strong and his heart is Highland, becomes the next president of the United States.
If somehow he doesn’t make it to the White House, he would make for an ideal candidate for the less-grand office of first minister at Holyrood. I would happily nominate him, and at the same time joyfully offer Nicola Sturgeon a one-way ticket out of Scotland.

Donald J. Morrison
Old Edinburgh Road,


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